An application used to create vector charts showing antenna signal strength.

The background on this: I was asked, while working at CCI, to try and create a program to take the pattern files (basically lists of antenna gain at each degree) and graph them, but in a .SVG format because some of the older images were too low-resolution for CCI's new website. In order to complete this project I had to learn many new Visual Basic skills, specifically reading data from Excel, which seems basic but is tricky sometimes and, I think, a great skill to know in today's workplaces which rely heavily on .xls files. I also had to get to know the SVG format as CCEyeball has to write an entire .SVG file every time it outputs something.

Since this is an application created for CCI, I cannot provide a download as it is their property, but below are a few screenshots.

The input screen of CCEyeball. You can adjust a lot of aspects of each pattern. I programmed it to take up to 20 beams at once, so you can have multiple patterns on there (this is necessary as some antennas go up to 18 beams). You can also normalize the gain and scale it to any dB value, and change the colour of any beam. This is important for making correctly formatted images for data sheets, presentations and so on, as you want to have your patterns at certain gains to compare easily to other models or competitors' antennas.

A sample output pattern from the application. Nothing special, but very crisp due to the file format. You can click on the image. Try doing so and zooming in as far as you can, and it won't get blurry.