Delete This

17 May 2018

I may be removing quite a few posts from this blog that have personal information, identifying photos, etc. sometime this week (read: month/when I get around to it). Nothing is wrong, but I have realized that I post less and less content nearly everywhere online than I have in the past. This website is the most public way to see my stuff - anyone with my name can find it quite easily, and I believe there’s only one other Luka Lawford in the country, so I figure it’s a good idea to review all the posts (which I’ve never done before). Of course, all the stuff about how bad Stack Overflow and Bill Gates are will be staying. If you know me well enough to miss any of the vacation pictures or content, just ask me and I can either send you the old posts, or just talk about whatever to you until you get bored. If you don’t know me, hi and why are you here instead of a more interesting website? Enjoy it while you’re around, I guess.

Why am I posting less? I don’t mean on this blog, I mean in general across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others I forget. I find that, firstly, I barely take pictures, as people know, but that hasn’t changed. I also find that when I have pictures that I want to share I just end up wanting to send them directly to my friends or show them on my phone to Grandma. Instagram, specifically, seems more like a Big Life Highlights Reel, and I don’t have too many Big Life Highlights (since I didn’t graduate this spring like most people, I don’t have all the Goodbye Forever pics or the upcoming Square Hat Stuff) so my content is not fresh weekly. Facebook is a total mess now. It loads really slowly compared to a ton of other sites on my computer. I think this is because of the video content clogging up the news feed, but the chat also seems to be really bad, and the chat windows jump all over the place. So I use messenger’s website instead, although I keep having an issue now where the bottom won’t have an input area and it just says “Cannot display composer” and I’m like Bach? Hadyn? which one? and reload the page AGAIN… What I’m trying to say here is the Facebook website is trash tier now and lags like crazy, the only thing you go on for is the chat, which has its own website and app, and the tag yourself memes, which are good. I am definitely not uploading any pictures to there. I think the last time I uploaded pictures to FB was in Japan, which was almost a YEAR ago now. Time flies. To get back to the idea of this paragraph, I prefer just sending stuff to my friends directly, cause honestly, when you’re posting pictures of yourself goofing off at whatever event, you only want maybe 50 to 100 of your friends on FB/insta to see them, and you probably have a couple times that many added.

I love snapchat so much now. Yes, they keep jerking around with the UI every two weeks, but it doesn’t actually affect how anyone uses it, you never NEED to swipe to the right screen to look at the ad/news/garbage page, the filters and stickers are crisp, I thought bitmojis were stupid but now that I have it going I can’t stop myself, and it’s just more fun sending dumb pictures from your daily life to 5 people who care instead of throwing pictures to 495 others who don’t.

Remember when twitter came out and everyone was like Haha who is going to use this, I don’t care what this random guy ate for lunch? Turns out people do find it interesting to know what their friends ate for lunch, and the friend with the lunch finds it juuuuuust interesting enough to hurl as an expiring 10 second mini-GIF to the two people who they know will laugh at it. People have always ALWAYS loved to talk to their friends one-on-one online. Think of any forum you’ve used in the past. People chat on the main topics but everyone has a few friends they just want to send dumb stuff 1-on-1 to, and that’s why messenger is its own thing now and FB is infested with sponsored “not an ad” stuff, and why snapchat is still fun, and why people my brother’s age use instagram DMs but never post any content (I assume).

Also, work is going well, and I hope you’re having a good summer, or winter, depending when you read this, whoever You May Be.