Running it Back

04 Aug 2017

Hey those of you who read this every couple of months (you know who you are). Of course, a savvy hero never reveals his exact location - look at what happened to ol’ Ed Snowden - but I’m in the process of crawling back to the 6ix. And then onwards after my lunch with Drake. I have nothing to do so I figure I’ll throw another post on the fire instead of watching youtube for another hour and a half.

Is this not scary??? Youtube video of a guy diving into world’s deepest pool

Anyway, the big news is I got a sweet new job in Japan. Check it out! 1

Thanks to that website for forcing me to make up a company name to download their free trial! That’s boring though, you wanna hear about the stamps, I bet. Well, sadly, I didn’t get all 77 stamps. I got 32ish I think, but I also got a whole lot in Sapporo (not of stations just places I visited). I suppose that’s just another reason to come back to Tokyo someday. No one likes an uncompleted stamp album. Yeah, the main issue with walking and getting all 77 is that there’s a series of 20 stations that look really close together on the map, but are actually spread out over 40 kilometres. To complete that section while only paying one fare, like I did going out the other way past Nakano, you’d just be walking a marathon. So it would have taken 4 days going for 5 stations at a time and I just didn’t have that time. Of course, I was missing other bits too, but realizing how the map snaked me out really drove it home that I wasn’t going to have time to walk around train tracks for a week without stopping. I did enjoy the walks I did, though. You get to see a side of Tokyo that I think of as the glue that holds it all together: where people actually live. What a strange city! It’s like nodes of mini cities everywhere, where the train lines meet, but then in between there are people living in relative quiet.

But not full quiet. I’m not going to miss the constant sirens, everything talking at you, and the people trying to hand out flyers no matter what street you walk on. I understand that this is just a big city thing, not limited to Japan or Tokyo much less, but one thing people hate about Ottawa which I don’t mind is how it shuts down at night. Tokyo just keeps going and you can’t get off the wild ride. Since the year is over, you probably also want some reflections and how I changed into a great enlightened person. Well, I don’t think I changed very much, but I’m sure something did. I like to think I got a little more patient, because everything was more busy and crowded than I thought. Also, learning a new language was pretty frustrating and I had to slow down and try harder to get results.

Hopeful that August will have better weather for Ottawa because I heard it wouldn’t stop raining this year.