Eki Stamp

19 May 2017

The vacation posts are on hold because [your reason here]

In Japan, people like to collect things more than most countries. Some mostly free collectible “items” are stamps from tourist areas or temples. There are also stamps at some train stations.

These are some from the line I take to get allergy shots:


I found out this week that every single JR station in Tokyo has a stamp, and there are 77 of them. They look like versions of the stations in the past, for example, the Shinjuku one had a lot of fields in it and there are definitely no fields around there any more.

You can get the JR stamps by just walking around the station and finding the table with the stamp and inkpad. You don’t have to pay to go in because they’re on the street side of the ticket gate. This means that you can’t get on a train and just stop at every station and get the stamps. However, the Toei ones are inside the gates so far and this means you can’t walk between subway stations and get the stamps… I did get one by asking the guy to go through and he let me go past the gate for free to get the stamp and then back out. The Tokyo Metro doesn’t have any stamps except for occasional promotions feels bad man…

The colour is different depending on which line they come from, so these ones are all green because I walked in a two hour loop today and passed three JR stations plus a subway station having a special contest. I’m sure you can guess which is the odd one out:


I think these are pretty neat. Wonder how long it would take to get all 77 of the JR ones…