An card game for the visually impaired designed in the APSC200: Engineering Practice course at Queen's.

In a group of 4, we had to design and create an Android app for the visually impaired, so blind, colourblind, and partially impaired people.

Our app is basically the game "Ride the Bus" for the blind. The user is prompted by audio to guess things about the next card like its suit, colour, number and so on. The goal of the app was to make something that both the visually impaired and their friends can use to help the visually impaired's social lives.

The screens all had huge buttons and either tap or swipe input, so you could use it without needing to see buttons on the phone. As long as the user was holding the phone firmly we found it was easy to play the game without looking at the screen at all.

I personally was in charge of, among other things, redesigning cards for low-visibility users. The design we used has a massive number, single suit image as well as the suit letter on the card, to help people with trouble seeing smaller images and numerals to tell cards apart.